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  • Aluminum Plywood Scaffold deck

    Falcon Ladder & Scaffold

    Scaffold Decks

    $264.00 - $376.00

    Aluminum / plywood scaffold platform. FEATURES ½" high quality fir select Plywood Heavy duty aluminum construction Aluminum wind latch to secure the platform even under severe wind conditions Over-lapping edge protection 75 lbs / sq-ft load capacity

  • 5' x 6'6" Walk-Thru (arch) Frame for scaffold

    Walk-Thru (Arch) Frame

    $142.40 - $171.20

    Walk-Thru Arch Frame ScaffoldALL FRAMES COME WITH 2 COUPLING PINS AT NO ADDITIONAL COST. FEATURES Steel construction Powder coated steel to provide longevity All frames include two coupling pins

  • Scaffold Side Bracket

    Side Bracket

    $51.20 - $64.00

    Side Brackets are an essential component for any scaffolding system. Designed to securely attach to the side of the scaffold, this bracket provides extra support for planks and decking, creating a safe and stable platform for workers. Available in two...

  • Adjustable Screw Jack

    Screw Jack

    $44.80 - $62.40

    This adjustable screw-jack for scaffold is made of sturdy galvanized stainless steel and will surely come in very handy on any work site. Its' rust-resistant properties ensure this product's increased durability, so you're sure that you're getting more...

  • Scaffold Cross Brace

    Falcon Ladder & Scaffold

    Cross Brace

    $27.20 - $41.60

    Cross braces for scaffolding. FEATURES CB52, CB72, AND CB102 ARE FOR 3' HIGH FRAMES (HALF FRAMES) CB54, CB74 AND CB104 ARE FOR 5' HIGH AND 6'6" FRAMES

  • Scaffold Guard Rail System

    Falcon Ladder & Scaffold

    Guard Rail System

    $12.80 - $48.00

    Guardrail system for scaffold, required when working on platforms 10' or higher. Use with Guard Rail Posts. FEATURES 5 sizes available: 30" 3' 5' 7' 10'

  • Pig Tail

    Pig Tail


    This pig tail pin will lock together scaffold frames when stacking and are also used to lock casters in place. It's a rugged locking device that meets CSA, ANSI and OSHA safety requirements. This product is made of sturdy rust- and weather-resistant...