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Pump Jack System

Pump jacks are a must have for siding jobs. They are a uniquely designed scaffold system consisting of a platform supported by movable brackets on vertical poles. The system is infinitely expandable and can range in height from 6' to 48'. The width of the system is adjustable to suit your needs; from a 16', two-pole system up to a 4-pole, 72' system, and beyond. Contact the experts at Falcon Ladder for all of your pump jack requirements, including the safety documentation that you will need to have on the jobsite.

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  • Connectable Stage Planks

    Louisville Ladder

    Connectable Stage Planks

    $1,003.20 - $1,816.00

    For use with our Pump Jack System or with Sawhorses Features Safety grade aluminum surface is especially effective in slippery or muddy conditions Metal End Caps provide a smooth-continuous walkway Easy Grip Rungs on each end which provide wide, easy to...

  • Pump Jack System

    Klondike Tools

    Pump Jack System

    $30.40 - $1,816.00

    Note for plank selection: the 20" planks are used for standing on, and the 12" planks are used on the work bench. These planks also act as a guard rail behind the workers. Features Dependable, durable, easy to operate Aluminum construction Extra large...