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Fat-Top Sawhorse / Trigger - FT130 Series - 30" Wide

$83.00 - $147.00
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14.00 LBS
Quit horsing around with the wrong equipment! Whether you're a drywaller, a carpenter, a siding or stucco applicator, a painter, a bricklayer or a do-it-yourselfer, we have a Falcon Sawhorse suitably sized for your needs. Although it's called a Sawhorse, our Triggers are ideal for use as stepladders or as a support for aluminum planks. Because Falcon Sawhorses are designed and built for stability and good weight distribution, they can be used individually or in conjunction with another Sawhorse. Whatever your application, Falcon Sawhorses will help you "reach" your goal. We have been making "Falcon Tough" Sawhorses since 1978.


  • Width at the top: 30"
  • FAT-TOP 9 ½" TOP
  • Meets all OSHA requirements for 4ft & under
  • Heavy duty aluminum extrusion
  • Heavy duty non-pinch spreaders
  • 3” wide aluminum step
  • Non-slip rubber boot
  • Heavy duty 300lb capacity walk up bench
  • 500 lb capacity as a scaffold


FT1142 2 9 14" X 2' FAT TOP SAWHORSE
FT1143 3 14 14" X 3' FAT TOP SAWHORSE