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Wood Stepladders

The art of making wood ladders is, sadly, going the way of the dodo bird. Allright Ladder has been making wood stepladders since 1921, but rising costs and dwindling demand forced them to cease production in October 2020, just shy of the century mark. However, we managed to wrestle a few ladders from their warehouse! EXTREMELY limited quantities remain, 4' and 5' are the only sizes available.

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  • 504 Series Wood Stepladder with Paint Tray

    Allright Ladder

    504 Series Wood Stepladder


    VERY Limited Quantities and Sizes Available!*** We only have the 4' ladder and ONLY ONE LEFT!!! *** The 504 Series wood ladders went out of production in October 2021, but we managed to find a few to sell.Get 'em while we got 'em! Grab a piece of...