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Orchard Ladder Repairs

You may not know this, but we repair orchard ladders right here in our Kelowna shop! (When we are not busy making them).

We repair orchard ladders during the off-season only, and it averages about $50/ladder to inspect, repair, re-certify and make your ladders as good as new. Our off-season is from November - March. So make sure you bring in your ladders AFTER the picking season, not right before the picking season starts!

Ladders with damaged feet can be cut down; example: 9' ladders can easily be turned into 8' ladders and give you years more service.

Repairs are done in our Kelowna shop by appointment only, and the customer is responsible for pick up and drop off. Any repaired ladders on site longer than 30 days will be subject to storage fees.

For more info, call Kevin @ 250-861-9556 x 214 or send an email to .

Orchard Ladder

Orchard ladder repairs are available in Kelowna, BC only.